Innvotek is a leader in the business of Innovation.

We collaborate with organisations to drive Innovation that positively impacts our lives. Driven by a desire to solve complex challenges we help develop products that accelerate advances in technology. We invest both our technical expertise and funding ‘know-how’ to fuel the commercialisation of inventions and patent portfolios.

Our mission is to energize and streamline a knowledge based economy that will drive innovation.

Our expertise comprises all areas of Information and Communications (ICT) Technology, specifically in the extraction, communication, rapid processing and visual presentation of huge amounts of data in a form that both human beings and systems can interpret rapidly.
We have expertise in data processing and visualisation. Rapid decision making technologies and algorithms also form part of the team’s key strengths, including Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Logic, Bayesian Classifiers Neural Networks, decision making systems, vision systems, web based technologies and more…

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