Trainee Innovations Consultant.


Hybrid Working – Home & Cambridge Office

Innvotek Ltd supports leaders within technology and scientific organisations to progress their innovative concepts through to commercialisation. Our world-class Innovation Consultants are highly- successful in identifying the right collaborative grant funding opportunities worldwide and developing strategic technology-lead commercial plans to secure funds for our customers.

Our people are key to our success. With a person-centred and supportive approach in all that we do, we strive to remain creative, inclusive and forward-thinking.

This is a fantastic opportunity for creative and self-motivated individuals to join our multidisciplinary team of Innovation Consultants, developing technical and scientific concepts and funding applications for our customers.

The role of Innovation Consultant is challenging and rewarding. As a key member of our company, your passion will transcend through customer engagement and support to conceptually advance their cutting-edge innovations.

As Trainee, you will receive free on-the-job training for three to six months, the training programme will be aligned to your demonstrated skills, with progression path to the role of Innovation Consultant.


The Role:

  1. Receive training and perform duties such as authoring and supporting the development, writing, and editing of a variety of materials related to science, engineering and technology concepts.
  2. Observe experienced team members to acquire knowledge of methods, procedures and standards required in the performance of Innovation Consultant duties.
  3. Learn various consultancy functions, including eligibility criteria for funding applications, contribute to brain-storming sessions for client-lead concept generation and validation, carry out due diligence/techno-economic feasibility of resulting ideas, market research and analysis, research competing technical solutions and business development areas and project partner recruiting.
  4. Report and discuss with Line-Management performance of (SMART) goals and objectives.


Essential Competencies:

  1. Degree or postgraduate degree in a scientific, engineering or business discipline.
  2. A passion for writing commercially related material to professional standard with an eye for detail.
  3. Flexibility of working hours and ability to meet strict deadlines.
  4. Excellent English both written and verbal.
  5. Ability to support stakeholders and coordinate their input to the funding application.


Closing Date: 30 November 2021

Innvotek Limited is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

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