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Innvotek specialises in automation of inspection, maintenance and digitisation of critical infrastructure in extreme and demanding environments. We develop customised solutions based on our customer requirements in offshore energy, shipping, construction and transport sectors.

Robotic & Automation Solutions
Robotic & Automation Solutions

Our vision is to create value for our clients by implementing our innovative robotic solutions to re-invent conventional processes and practices. We create mobile platforms which climb on large assets, operate underwater and are safe in explosive environments. This allows our customers the opportunity to carry out operations in a safer, more cost-effective manner with greater flexibility.

Inspiring collaboration between humans and machines.

Innvotek’s in-house engineering team create bespoke, customised equipment to meet our client’s requirements:

Robotic & Automation Solutions

Explosive Atmospheres

Crawlers operating in explosive environments performing non-destructive testing (NDT) with ATEX certification​

Robotic & Automation Solutions

Dull, Dirty & Dangerous

Robotic platforms that perform repetitive tasks on construction sites, including asset mapping​

Robotic & Automation Solutions

Marine & Subsea

Magnetic crawlers for cleaning and NDT inspection for offshore wind foundations and the oil & gas industry

Robotic & Automation Solutions

Autonomous Capabilities

Platform operator aids to reduce manual fatigue, such as automated weld inspection and corrosion mapping where endurance and precision are required

Robotic & Automation Solutions

Hazardous Environments

Inspection and maintenance platform designed to minimize the time personnel must spend offshore, working at height, in confined spaces, in toxic gas atmospheres

Robotic & Automation Solutions

Remote monitoring

Ruggedised IoT, sensing solutions combined with intelligent automated analysis for continuous monitoring of hard-to-access infrastructure, such as sewers and bridges

Our engineering expertise.

We offer extensive experience in mobile robotics, remote monitoring and autonomous navigation.

Our in-house team have the skills, experience and the passion to create bespoke robotic and automation solutions that will help you achieve your business or R&D goals within timeframe and budget.

Mobile Robotics

For inspection, maintenance and repair of critical assets

IoT & Edge Computing

Smart sensing and analysis for continuous monitoring

Autonomous Navigation

High precision LiDAR-based SLAM

Test & Validation

Pressure test services

Custom Tooling & Automation

Robotic tooling design, development and validation

Digital Twins & Simulations

Digitisation of industrial assets and engineering simulation services

Our products.

Meeting real-world challenges

Compact robotic crawler for NDT tank inspections
Coming soon
Advanced magnetic adhesion inspection crawler
Coming soon