A decade of success

Innvotek was founded in 2010 as an innovation consultancy to help clients leverage grant funding for technology development.

Since then, we have supported over 1,500 ideas for more than 500 clients.

In the last ten years, the company has grown its operations with offices in the UK, Spain and Turkey. Our team of expert scientists, technologists, strategists, engineers, programmers, IP experts, and support staff help organisations develop their ideas from a concept through to development and commercialisation.

Our innovation consultancy team offers more than 20 years of experience in delivering innovative solutions and inspiring positive change in business and technology.  

With a multitude of successful projects, our engineering and project management teams have established Innvotek as a reliable and competent partner.

We have developed a partner network of over 200 organisations across the globe giving us access to the latest trends of research in areas such as healthcare and biotechnology, digital, renewable energy, offshore, sustainable agriculture and manufacturing.


Mission Statement.

We drive innovation to provide disruptive, tangible commercial solutions for our clients in the modern world.

Our core values:

We never deviate from our moral and ethical standards.


Knowledge is key to creating innovative solutions to build a safe and sustainable future.

Knowledge & Innovation

We deliver to our client’s authenticity and integrity, ensuring transparency.


We continuously look to acquire new expertise and implement innovative practices.


We rapidly adapt and adjust to the changes happening in society, business, and technology.


We invest heavily in teamwork and collaboration to reach our goals.


We believe that innovation builds a safer and smarter social environment by bringing about positive change across the globe.

Social Responsibility

When innovating, the values and priorities of humanity and the natural environment will be balanced.


Our History.

Plans are in the pipeline for new joint ventures and spin outs to further advance and enhance our market launch support service.
Innvotek surpassed £100 million grant funding secured for its clients.
Innvotek established an engineering team with expertise in robotic and automation solution development.
In support of our partnership with Sabanci (a top tier Turkish University), Innvotek appointed a representative in Konya.
Innvotek was involved as a technical partner and coordinator for its first portfolio of R&D projects.
The Innvotek software engineering team focused on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.
In-house innovation team was created with our partner TWI in Cambridge, UK to support both TWI and its Innovation Centres network.
£3 million investment was secured to support the development of a rapid cooling technology for commercial retail applications and a revolutionary portable continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device.
The company introduced a new service to assist with raising venture capital and angel investments.
£1 million of funding was secured successfully for a Waste to Energy project in East Africa.
A strong portfolio led the company to expand the scope of services offered as well as opening a new office in Barcelona, Spain.
£500k worth of funding was secured for one of our clients, for the development of a dynamic multimedia platform.
Innvotek was founded as an innovation consultancy to help clients leverage grant funding for technology development.