Amphibian at Global Offshore Wind 2021

Amphibian at Global Offshore Wind 2021

On September 29-30, our CTO Michael Corsar and Business Development Manager James Splaine, have attended Renewable UK Global Offshore Wind 2021, where they presented Amphibian, a mobile robotic platform for advanced NDT inspection and maintenance of large offshore assets, such as wind farms, developed by Innvotek’s engineering team.

The event took place at ExCeL London and gathered key players of the UK offshore wind industry. Amphibian has been displayed at the stand of Innvotek’s longstanding partner Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult (OREC) and could attract attention of more than 20 businesses considering various industrial applications of the robot.

Amphibian is an innovative technology that re-invents conventional processes of inspection and cleaning of wind turbine monopiles. Traditionally, the processes are linked to the hazardous environment where wind turbines operate. Splash zones, confined spaces, heights and deep waters are not the exhaustive list of conditions human workers have to deal with while servicing the monopiles. At the same time, the average age of wind parks in Europe is more than 15 years, and the offshore wind maintenance market is evaluated at €40 billion annually.

Amphibian is a mobile robotic platform that offers a safer and more cost-effective alternative for conventional inspection and cleaning as it enables remote access to large critical infrastructure, such as offshore assets. It is designed for harsh marine environments and can operate in splash and aerial zones and at depths of up to 60 metres in saltwater. The robot can carry up to 25 kg of cameras, lights, and advanced NDT tooling. It provides full structural assessment and corrosion mapping of the monopile, not just a visual check. Amphibian can clean biofouling by effectively removing it with its own modular cleaning system.

Amphibian has all potential to save up to 20% of maintenance costs for offshore turbine foundations alone.

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